500GB空间,5TB流量每月,每周空间大小/流量分别增加 2GB ,40GB!
相应的空间价格做了调整,每年支付为$9.95 /m + 18%+No Setup,更便宜了
每两年支付价格为 $ 8.95/m + 28% off ,比原来略高

最令人震惊的是,每一次性购买十年只需 $5.95 /m !
我在Web Panel里看到,虽然偶现在Dreamhost空间大小还是230多GB,但空间Auto increasing大小也变为 +


从DH官方博客“Are you older than a Fifth Grader?” 文章里可以找到相关的信息:

Fan Gets Hit With It: September 2006

Community Rocks!

That summer there’s more power outages and we have TWO FULL MONTHS of pretty darn bad service. It was pretty sucky all around.


We did about the only thing we could do.. made a new site all based on “community” and doubled bandwidth and 10 timesed disk again!


At this point we’re also giving away 3000/6000/12000/24000 mailboxes and 75/175/375/775 shell accounts. We have a 999 promo code which gives $99.99 off (again, it’s no 777!) and take it a little easy.


We’ve got 300,000 domains, 50 employees and a lot of infrastructure stuff to deal with.

Everything Is Wonderful: September 2007

He’s baaaaaaaack! And he’s faaaaaaaaat!

In January of this year, we took a step back. A step away from everything that’s made us who we are, our very essense, and we actually started reducing how much disk and bandwidth we included on our plans.


We had (close to) no promo code sales all year, and never upped those quotas a smidge. It’s been very very very painful for me.


Well… sweet release is finally here!


The Payoff


If you’ve read, or at least scrolled, this far… you deserve something!

And here it is.. for the big One – Oh, DreamHost is now offering only one plan! It’s called “Happy Hosting” (though it doesn’t really need a name when it’s the only one) and it comes with 500GB of disk, 5TB of bandwidth per month, and unlimited users and mailboxes, etc, etc, etc…

//现在Dreamhost只提供一种型号:”Happy Hosting”主机,500GB大小,5TB初始流量每月

Current customers immediately get the unlimited users and mailboxes, and their bandwidth doubled. We’re also doubling your existing disk space, but it will be rolled out incrementally. If you want to switch to the new plan, you can today from our panel!

//已有的Dreamhost用户的每月流量将会立即翻番,并且立即升级为无限Shell/FTP user和Mailbox;DH也将增加他们的空间大小,但这是”incrementally”(递增的?)过程

It’s $10.95/month, but if you prepay for 1 year it’s $9.95/month, 2 years it’s $8.95/month, 3 years it’s $7.95/month, 5 years it’s $6.95/month, and 10 years it’s $5.95/month! There may be a crazy 777-ish promo code too (for new customers) if you look around.


P.S. And, when you renew in 2017 you’ll (most definitely) be up to 12.5 PB of storage and bandwidth for $1.95/month!

//ORZ, 1PB=1024TB !,我不敢想像,这会成为现实吗?在2017?