The World is Flat – 2 – Continuing

Well , Let’s continue . About LOVE
Partly by inheritance , There is a thinking in my mind that I am lack of the ability of LOVE . Purely LOVE between men and women. It’s TERIBLE . I think .
I am in such a family . My mother and father showed asininity in LOVE . They married in 1986 ,when they are both 30 years old .They Love each other ,Yes ,I am sure about it . One ‘s chararters can supplement the other . They live happy ,in the first several years .( Later There are something happened that caused great influence to my family ,But I can’t write them here)
But , It’s too late . When they married.
Love is ONLY great when we are young .
(My Englosh is poor – – ,but I think you can understand it )
The same thing happened in my two uncles . Both of them married over the age of 40 ! ,Just a few years ago . So now I have a little cute sister (who are only 5 years old now, yes, she is a LOLI ) ,and a impish brother ,who are 6 years old now .
Ya . All of the above content is about my family , so is the below.You may be tired
BUT Please BE PATIENT , you will know something that I have nevered told others (including my friends , classmates ,and NET Friends)
In the following , I will talk about my two sisters, ( le frère cadet et la soeur cadette)